Welcome to APRN SOAP Notes options. This work is intended mainly for educational purpose and to optimized your time and save you some money during your streesful journey in the Family Nurse Practitioner Master Program. Life hapens, dealing with the every day life, job duties, children schools, home responsibility, bills and unexpected situations is just enough. This page was created in order to give some relieve for those bulding a future. Again, APRN’s/FNP’s SOAP notes are intended only for “educational purposes”. It can become in a powerful tool in order to abreviate your golden time at the moment to write the SOAP Notes for your clinical hours cases. Template notes will be your best guide.

This page is not “PLAGIARISM FREE. However, SOAP NOTES are fully developed, including the references examples. The notes are based on chronic and acute conditions. They are performed on a basis template and they are very similar to the actual electronic notes that you will meet during your practice. According with the characteristics of your cases, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSABLE for the adjustment of ICD-10 and CPT Codes. You are also responsible for adding references in accordance with what is established by your institution.

Advise: If you decide to buy a $4.99 SOAP Note YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to adjust the note, meaning date, hour, place, your name, and your institution as well as do all necessary changes to become your note into Plagiarism free, before the note submittion it to your school system. The link above “Plagiarism free”is a free website where you can review your work before final submission.

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